PABX is the acronym for Private Automatic Branch Exchange, a kind of mini telephone exchange that enables you to inter-communicate with your colleagues and family members as well as distribute external calls amongst you.

PABX Intercom

With our PABX system, you can connect your existing wired or wireless telephone lines and have as many intercom extensions as possible for general office or home communications. You can also connect a GSM Line of your choice to the PABX system using our FCT /GSM Land Phone Device. Our PABX systems come in various configurations ranging from 8 extensions to 16 extensions to 128 extensions and 256 extensions and are the most affordable in the market.

Panasonic PABX KX-TD 100 (with 64 nos Extensions)

PABX system machine has automatic fax transfer, automatic pause insertion, call forwarding, call hold / pick-up / transfer / waiting, conference call, data line security, flexible ringing assignment, hold reminder, intercom, last number redial, power failure / transfer, programmable call restriction, pulse to tone conversation, system speed dialling 100 numbers, distinctive ringing, USB for PC programming, bundle options available with either voicemail card or KXT7730 white handset

Panasonic Telephone Handset TS500

The Panasonic KX-TS500 integrated corded phone system is a basic corded phone designed for users who dont need a lot of bells and whistles. A corded phone with single line operation, it is call waiting compatible and requires no batteries to operate.

Handset and ringer volume controls allow you to adjust levels to your liking and you can switch between tone and pulse dialing modes. A redial button lets you quickly dial the last outgoing number, while the flash button provides access to call waiting. This Panasonic KX-TS500 phone is wall-mountable and allows you to keep countertop space free from unnecessary clutter.